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How to pack a backpack for a long distance thru hike

In this 20 minute video I walk you through what I decided to carry with me on the Bigfoot Trail and tips on how to pack a backpack for a long distance thru hike. I go through my gear list and share why each item has made the cut. […]

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12 Hiker Gifts, Day 11

12 trail gifts for under $50, Day 11
Gift 11: Sacks & Baggies

It can be challenging to organize even the simplest of backpacks, and stuff-sacks and plastic baggies are amazing tools for keeping things organized. Stuff sacks and baggies can add up quickly in weight, and it is always important to only bring what you need. Though it might not seem like a trash compactor bag or a silicone nylon stuff sack could possibly add much weight to a pack, it is a good idea to go for the lightest bag you can find that looks like it will last & do it’s job.

Ziplocks: If you are still looking for a good last minute gift for you hiker, you only have to go as far as your kitchen drawers. Give the gift of ziplock baggies! Hikers use hundreds of ziplocks during their time on the trail & a good variety is always appreciated. Everything from dinky little snack sized & sandwich zippies all the way to the heavy duty freezer quarts, gallons, & 2 gallons will find purpose on the trail. I usually buy a big variety pack from Costco before a big hike. In normal front country life I’m all about re-using plastic bags, but the trail is where zippies go to be used to the point of being used up. It is winter and your hiker might not remember the value of the spectacular stocking suffer of plastic bags, but just remind them that they will be needing those zippies come hiking season!

LokSak: Ziplocks on steroids. These bags keep things dry, dust free, and happy for much much longer than a normal freezer bag. I keep my cell phone in one, my maps […]

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12 Gifts For Hikers, Day 6

12 Days of Trail Gifts For Under $50
Gift 6: Snack Attack
Good trail snacks never stick around long enough to reach their expiration dates, and most hikers would rather eat a delicious bar than some granola thingy they can find in the store down the street. I have a secret bar stash that I draw from to keep me fueled on weekend trips, and I love finding tasty bars in my christmas stocking to replenish the cache. Below you will find a list of some of my favorite bars, and a little movie of Adam having a snack attack during a hot day on our Japhy Ryder Route hike in 2011.

1) Huppy Bars are yummy and nutritious bars created by my friend Lyndsay Hupp in Flagstaff. These bars have mostly organic ingredients & spirulina to get your greens in the backcountry. There are 5 excellent flavors, Coconut Date Ginger and Chocolate Berry Love are two favorites. Huppy Bar has a Bundle Of Yum holiday pack that I hope finds it’s way into my stocking this season.
2) Nut butter single serve packets. Not much beats the protein punch you can get from nut butters, and there are some absolutely delicious options in little packets these days. One of my favorite nut butters is Wild Friends Vanilla Espresso Almond Butter.
3)Picky Bars make delicious bars here in Bend, OR. The texture & flavor of these bars are great, and they are really good for you.

4)Honey Stinger makes all kinds of honey based treats, but their protein bars are really something special. There is not much better than sinking my teeth into a 20g Mint Chocolate Honey Stinger when I get the 10am snack attack. The chocolate coating can get a bit […]

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12 Gifts For Hikers, Day 3

12 Days of Trail Gifts For Under $50
Gift 3: Dress your dirtbag

Give your hiker something they might wear on the trail! Hikers need a warm hat and a sun hat on the trail, and it’s always nice to have required items to be fun as well as functional. Other necessary wardrobe items are shirts, shorts/skirts/ or maybe pants, but these can be more specific & will require figuring out your hiker’s preferences.
I only wear a few things while I’m adventuring, but whatever they are will become my favorite outfit for months. Those garments I wear become a part of me, and it’s great if some of that hiking uniform reminds me of someone I love back home. It might sound a little funny, but I feel less lonely when I am wearing something that was given to me.
Hikertrash makes great lightweight trucker hats & visors, and 5% of each purchase goes to supporting trail advocacy groups. They make really cool shirts, stickers, and beer cozies too! My friend Pepper is currently using his Hikertrash beer Cozies to keep his water bottle insulated while hiking the PCT this winter.
Purple Rain Skirts sews up high quality hiking skirts that any skirt wearing hiker would want. I have yet to try one of these skirts on, but I have one on my christmas list this year. Hopefully next hiking season I’ll be flying down the trail rockin’ a Purple Rain Skirt!
Fun warm hats are a great way to make sure your hiker stays cozy on the trail. My sister let me borrow one of her hats years ago, and it has become my main trail hat. The pattern is great, and the fleece liner makes it soft […]

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