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Sage CleggBiologist, Educator, Thru-Hiker
Sage is a wildlife biologist, outdoor educator, and a thru-hiker who thrives when outside.

After a 6.5 years of instructing for Outward Bound, she discovered thru-hiking in the fall of 2008 when she spent a month on the Grand Enchantment Trail in New Mexico. In 2010 she completed the triple crown (PCT, CDT, and AT) in 18 months. During the summer of 2011 she and her partner, Adam Drummer, successfully hiked the Japhy Ryder Route, a 1200 mile route across California that Sage dreamed up.

2012 was a year for new adventures that included learning to bikepack during a 350 mile trip around the cascades, and domestic pursuits like canning vegetables and choosing paint colors for a new house (she finally moved out of the back of her truck!). In the summer of 2013 Sage teamed up with Oregon Natural Desert Association (ONDA) to hike their new route across eastern Oregon, the Oregon Desert Trail.

When she isn’t out hiking Sage works in the Mojave with Desert Tortoises when they are above ground (spring and fall). This annual work pattern of summer and winters mostly off allows her to maintain a migratory lifestyle while still being semi-settled. This work season is the main reason why Sage has hiked all of the trails “backwards” or in strange seasons.