Bigfoot Trail, Ides Cove trailhead to Crescent City, 360+ miles, 7/14/2014-7/28/2014

Oregon Desert Trail, Bend to Snake/Owyhee, 800+ miles, 6/5/2013-7/11/2013

Door to door bikebacking trip, Bend to Bend, 350 mile loop, August 2012

Japhy Ryder Route, Lost Coast to Death Valley, Homemade 1,300 mile route, 7/10/2011-9/15/2011

Appalachian Trail, SOBO 9/14/2010-12/24/2010

Continental Divide Trail, NOBO 5/10/2010-8/31/2010

Pacific Crest Trail, SOBO 7/1/2009-11/13/2009

Grand Canyon Paddle Trip 1/9/2009-2/4/2009

Grand Enchantment Trail (New Mexico, ~450 mi) 11/14-12/10/2008