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Fresh Tracks Consulting, Inc. is a small woman owned consulting company based in Bend, Oregon that specializes in wildlife biology, lightweight backpacking, and conservation minded hikes and projects.

We primarily work environmental mitigation contracts in the Mojave Desert working with threatened Mojave Desert Tortoises. Monitoring construction activity, walking clearance surveys, helping with translocations, radio tracking, and health assessments typically keeps us busy while tortoises are above ground in the Spring and Fall. If your company is looking to hire competent and compassionate desert tortoise biologists, we are often looking for contracts.

Each Spring since 2015 we have had the pleasure of collecting data for the USFWS Desert Tortoise Recovery Office’s range wide monitoring effort, otherwise known as line distance sampling. As a team of two, we walk a 12km square from a randomly assigned point in the Mojave each day. As we walk, we look for tortoises everywhere they might be hiding along our path. This data, along with that of the rest of the LDS crew’s data, is compiled and analyzed to give us all a sense of how the tortoises are faring across their range.

We have extensive knowledge about the wild lands of the west, and are always interested in projects that help show people the value in forgotten & hard to find places. We have years of experience leading groups into the backcountry and collecting data in wild places.

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Contact us:

Adam Drummer:  937-572-1655,

Sage Clegg: 831-236-1864,