750 mile route that stretches from the Badlands Wilderness to the Lake Owyhee Reservoir

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The Oregon Desert Trail (ODT) is an 750-ish mile route that stretches from the Oregon Badlands Wilderness to the Lake Owyhee Reservoir near the Idaho border.

A Little History:

The route was the brain child of Brent Fenty, Executive Director of Oregon Natural Desert Association, ONDA. The ODT was created to bring attention to some of the hidden gems of eastern Oregon, and help stir up passion for protection of these wild spaces. Jeremy Fox was hired to inventory the trail over the course of a couple of years, helping turn a dream into a line on the map. Five years ago, I became the first person to thru-hike the ODT, proving the concept could be hiked in one go. In the past 5 years this new route has grown into it’s own, drawing more section hikers and thru-hikers each year. ONDA hired Renee Patrick to be the Oregon Desert Trail Coordinator, who works tirelessly to improve & promote the route. Here we are, 5 years in, and the ODT is alive and well, and growing into it’s own with each hiker, volunteer, and trail angel.

The First ODT Thru:

On June 5th, 2013 I stepped out my door in Bend for a bike/hike adventure along this brand new route. 37 days later I found myself flying down the last big hill from Lake Owyhee towards the meeting of the Owyhee and the Snake River after having walked over 600 miles and peddling 200. The beauty of this trail was a surprise- honestly I wasn’t so sure about the route when I left Bend! Challenge and reward is the pattern of this basin and range route. Long treeless & waterless stretches are contrasted by empty alpine meadows and twisting canyons.

ONDA had Wahoo films make a short movie about my hike of the trail, Sage Steppes: 800 miles on the Oregon Desert Trail



The people that live out there in Oregon’s outback are tough, kind, and incredibly knowledgable about this unknown edge of the state. My interactions with these ranchers and cowboys made me question how I think about conservation and I am still trying to sort out this new complexity in my personal wilderness ethic.


Google Map for ODT


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Camp setupThis is a list of the equipment I carried while backpacking on the Oregon Desert Trail. Each hike my pack changes a bit, depending on the demands of the region and the time of year. The high desert can be all over the place!! This trip I carried a bit more techno-gadgets than normal, but the trade off was essential to meet the goal of sharing the hike with others.

Item Amount Weight
Sleep System & Shelter
Backpack 29.12
Stuff Sacks 1.15×3 3.45
Titanium Tent Stakes 1.65
Shelter  3.40
Ground Sheet 2.00
Sleeping Pad 8.00
Silk Liner 2.95
Sleeping Bag  18.00
TOTAL 68.57 oz
Bug head net 1.20
Plantars sleeves  1.00
1-3 pairs of socks  1-1.5×2  2.50
Down Jacket  6.00
Synthetic Jacket, hooded  9.85
Rain Jacket  5.80
Wind Jacket  3.30
LJ bottoms  4.40
Rain Pants  4.10
Warm Hat  2.60
Sun Hat  2.70
Pee Rag    1.00
Bandana  2.00
Crocks  9.00
Sunglasses 1.20
TOTAL 56.65 oz
Clothing Worn 1.00
Dirty Girl Gaiters 30.00
1 pair of shoes 5.00
Hiking Shirt
Insoles  02 or 3.5 3.00
Bra 1.20
Trekking Poles 16.64
TOTAL 61.34 oz
Body Care
Tooth Brush 1.00
 Tooth Paste  1.00
Floss N/A
Hair Ties 0.05
Tampons/Diva Cup 1.00
Meds 1.00
Bug Dope 0.75
Water Tx 1.50
Sunscreen  3.00
Chapstick .20
 1st Aid 1.50
TOTAL  11.00 oz
knife 0.85
lighter  0.50
spoon 0.25
dish 2.10
Water bottles 2.10
Water bags  1.25×2  2.50
TOTAL 8.30 oz
Gadgets, Odds & Ends
Headlamp 1.70
GPS  5.10
AA Batteries  1oz/each  variable
GoPro  8.10
Spot Beacon  4.20
Iphone  6.05
Battery Backpack (Iphone) 3.75
 Ipod & headphones  2.00
Wall Jack  0.80
Stick Pic 0.55
Mini USB Cord 0.60
Notebook 3.40
Pen & Pencil  0.70
Ziplock bags variable
 Maps  variable
Water Sample kit  variable
Extra GoPro batteries  1oz/each 1.00
TOTAL  39.95 oz
Additional Gear for the Owyhee
Trash Compactor bags 6.00
Additional Dry Bags 2.50
Additional GoPro Batteries 1.00
TOTAL EQUIPMENT  245.8oz/16  15.4 lbs
CARRIED EQUIPMENT  -3.8 lbs worn  11.6 lbs