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HIKE podcast episode

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Navigating wild spaces and the Oregon Desert Trail with Sage Clegg

Back in the early days of my quarantine time, Lori from the Hike podcast reached out about interviewing me about my time on the Oregon Desert Trail. She asked questions that got my mind spinning, and before I knew it I was dreaming back to my early days of hiking, remembering what my feet felt like after a long day of walking on the PCT, how my nerves had me trembling with fear and excitement as I set out on my first thru-hike of the GET, and what it was like to fall in love with backpacking on an Outward Bound course when I was 14.

If you are looking for something to listen to these days, check out Lori’s podcast. She interviews all sorts of people, dispenses advice, and has an approachability for all people who love hiking. It was refreshing to be a part of a podcast that wasn’t focused solely on thru-hiking, and her questions helped me embrace the type of hiking I feel more comfortable with during these COVID times: Short and sweet. Long trails are wonderful, and I hope to get back out for an extended period of time someday, but for now I’m keeping my adventures well within my abilities and short enough to self support. Lori’s enthusiasm for ALL HIKING, no matter the length of time on the trail, really helped me reflect about why I like being outside.

A few of my favorite episodes are:

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Oregon Field Guide Episode

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Sage Clegg is featured in the Oregon Field Guide episode about the Oregon Desert Trail

Oboz Trail Tales, 7 tips for hiking in Scotland

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7 tips for hiking in Scotland, Oboz Trail Tales blog post. I share 7 things that helped Adam & me have a fun & successful walking adventure in Scotland.

Sometimes, Go Alone

By |August 8th, 2016|2016 posts, Adventure school, solo adventure|Comments Off on Sometimes, Go Alone

“It’s good to walk with people
but sometimes
go alone.
That way you can always stop and listen at the right time.”
-Byrd Baylor, The Other Way To Listen

What does this mean to you? When were you last alone? Why does being alone conjure fear for most of us humans?

I have somehow climbed over that hurdle of fear of being alone, and I’d like to share some thoughts on how I did that. I am not immune from being lonely or a little fearful when I’m flying solo, but I’ve grown to need time by myself in wild spaces. Being alone is one of the most important things I do in my life. A little fear & loneliness is good for the soul! Beyond fear and loneliness there is curiosity, happiness, and the magic of knowing I get along with myself.

Face & embrace your fear
So how did I get to a place where I actually WANT to be alone? I went outside on my own a lot. I was scared at first. I just felt the worry. My world did not crumble. My early solo backpacking trips were full of fear, anxiety, and hardly eating anything (my appetite vanishes when I’m feeling lonely and sad). I did not die of a broken heart or sadness. It hurts to feel lonely. It’s uncomfortable to be scared. Breath deeply, reason with yourself, and let yourself feel uncomfortable. It sucks, but there is no easy sneak around to the other side. For me, every solo trip starts with a bit of emotional pain, but it fades after a few days, and being lonely helps me re-focus on what I care about. If I’m missing something or someone, I can see what […]