Scotland: Whisky, Wool, & Rain

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As fall begins to set in I keep flashing back to my summer trip, hiking in Scotland. Adam and I spent a wonderful two weeks eating haggis, hill walking, and sipping single malt in the verdant land of whisky, sheep, and rain. Our time in Scotland was short, so we chose two week long trails on which to spend our trip. First, we took a bus from Edinburgh to the Isle of Skye in northwestern Scotland to spend a week on the Skye Trail. It was a wet and beautiful 80 mile trek north to south across the island. Check out my Scottish Oboz Trail Tale for a story from our smooshy walk across the Isle of Skye.

We knew the Skye Trail would be the more challenging of the two hikes, but it took the onset of the first storm for us to realize what we had gotten ourselves into. After our feet got soaked on day one, they never dried out-for the whole vacation!

We found ourselves stumbling through boggy sheep dotted hillsides with no trail to follow. Navigating through the stormy, treeless landscape was an enjoyable, but exhausting challenge. Hill walking was hard, but it wasn’t a complete suffer fest, read the Oboz Trail Tale to see how we found joy.

After a blustery end to the Skye Trail we fled the windy west coast for the more sheltered east and the Speyside Way. We found warm pubs, delicious whisky, and pastoral paths winding along 80 miles of the River Spey, from the ocean to the high peaks of the Caringorms.

The Speyside Way is one of many official Scottish paths. We chose it because of the length and the lore of the region. Accessing the coastal […]

Not so happy feet?

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Having foot issues? As many hikers set out on their thru-hiking season I keep hearing about tragic foot pain. In an effort to reduce some of the tears, I wanted to share a few things that have worked well for my persnickety feet.
Rinse The Grit Away
Try carrying two pairs of socks. Switch them mid-day, and rinse the morning pair out. If you have extra water, give your feet a mid-day wash too. During the dry desert sections just whack the heck out of your socks to get the dust out instead of washing them with your precious water. I still switch them anyway, and wash them near the next water source- remember- don’t wash them directly in the water sources!!! Yuck- toe funk in your water-Eeeeew!

I find that washing my socks regularly helps them last miles and miles longer (like 150-300miles longer!), and keeps my feet happier.

Take Your Shoes Off!

One of my other foot care secrets is to have at least two breaks a day when my shoes come off, my insoles are pulled out & shaken off, and my feet & shoes can have some time apart. I usually give myself a foot massage & elevate them on my pack. Chilling in that lounging reclining position for a bit seems to really help my body get a better rest & lets my feet deflate a bit.

Keep ’em clean with Dirty Girls

Using lightweight gaiters (like Dirty Girl Gaiters) can help keep grit & seeds out of your socks & shoes. Blisters can be caused by dirt creating friction between your skin and the shoe wall, sometimes called the “pearl of pain”. Gaiters can help keep those friction causing agents at bay, but thick gaiters can […]

Backpack Gear Tour

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Come check out my backpack tour. This video is about 20 minutes long, and I go into detail about why I brought what I brought on the Bigfoot Trail. I explain things like my layering system, water treatment, shelter and sleep systems, and everything else that makes up my gear for a 400 mile summer walk.

Choose Gear Wisely
Nothing weighs nothing, but some things are essential to bring with you on a journey. Even if you aren’t shooting for an ultralight backpack, there are always a few items you can change or ditch. My hope with this movie is to share my packing process and shed some light on what I bring and what can be done without.

If you want more help whittling down your gear, please contact me at

Blisters 101

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 Blisters 101: Learn 3 tips to tape blisters & hot spots
This is a short lesson on foot care and blister taping. Recently on a ski trip in the cascades I develpoed a hot spot in the side of my foot. There are 3 tips I wanted to share that work well for my feet, and hopefully help you next time you start feeling the beginnings of a blister. I explain more in the video, but here’s a summary:

1) Put something soft over the blister or hotspot (like the fuzzy side of the mole skin, a bit of the non-sticky side of medical tape, gauze, or a bandaid

2) Lay the tape as flat & smooth as possible

3) Round edges in high friction zones & smash tape to skin
Youtube Adventure School in 2015
One of my New Years resolutions is to start sharing more tips & tricks about adventuring. I worked as a backpacking instructor for many years & miss teaching dearly. I’m hoping that I will learn to teach to a camera at least half as well as I used teach people in person. My goal is to share some of the knowledge I have gleaned over my past few years of walking. Blisters 101 is my first YouTube lesson of 2015, enjoy!

If you have questions or comments email me, comment on my YouTube channel, or contact Sage Clegg Adventures on Facebook.