Day two started off with stiff legs and a wobbly left knee. Yoga and physical therapy were an order and I didn’t leave camp until the sun was high. I was prepared for bother few hours of scrambling over piles of downed logs and through pokey deer brush, but was in for a good surprise- a trail crew had restored the tread just down from my camp and I lucked in to walking on a newly refreshed well graded trail!
The water sources for the day turned out to be flowing better than I anticipated after yesterday’s scare, North Yolla Bolly spring seemed to mark some kind of transition where the land turned from dust bowl dry to full of life. The terrain on the west slope of North Yolla Bolly mountain was an unexpected alpine wonderland, complete with quaking aspen and wild flowers.
By camp that second night the butterflies in my stomach had all but flown and I busied myself with smacking mosquitoes. How can there be so many mozzies during a drought anyway?