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12 Gifts for Hikers, Day 1

12 Days of Trail Gifts For Under $50
Gift One: Cheap Good Sleep

A new floor:

Window Film Groundsheet (or polycryo from Gossamer Gear)          Weight:2oz               Cost: $5-$15

If your hiker likes to sleep under a tarp (floorless shelter), or is a cowboy camper (out under the stars), they need a ground sheet. My favorite ground sheet is a rectangle of Window Film. It looks like saran wrap and it’s super light weight, about 2 ounces will cover 4’x6′.

Window film isn’t super durable, but if treated gently a piece can last 500-1000 miles. It’s always nice to have a fresh extra waiting in a bounce box though, so you might want to splurge and get the multi window pack or a roll when you head to the hardware store. ACE has “cut to fit” window kits, which are nice because you can choose the dimensions of your floor.


A mattress enhancer/ seat/ yoga mat:

1/8″ Thinlight pad from Gossamer Gear           Weight: 2.5 oz                Cost: $16

Your hiker will be stoked to have a little extra insulation from the cold ground at night regardless of if they sleep in a tent or a tarp. This full length pad has become one of my favorite pieces of gear. I sit on it at almost every break, I put my shorty mattress on top of it at night, and it’s great for stretching & yoga. In winter this matt works great to insulate air mattresses from the snow. It can be folded and packed on the top of your pack, adding rain protection & helping to keep your perishables and water a couple degrees cooler.

For more substantial […]

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Idaho Hot Springs Bike Trip

When I returned home from the Bigfoot Trail Adam had a surprise- he had planned a bike tour!! Not just any old bike trip, but one that would be mostly on dirt roads and take us to over a dozen hot springs! I was stoked to get back on my Salsa Fargo and check out Idaho with Adam- a real summer vacation!

We drove out from Bend to Idaho past a few smokey fires, through the heat of the high desert, and past the smelly feed lots of the Snake River Valley to a small town along the Payette River, Crouch, ID.We chose to start our tour in Crouch because the southern portion of the 500 mile route was closed due to a landslide near Ketchum. Our plan was to ride the northern half of the Idaho Hot Springs Mountain Bike Route (IHSMBR) clockwise, and take the Lowman Cutoff to return to Crouch, the lowest point on the route. After enjoying some fine beer from the Payette River Brewing Company we found a camp site and prepped our bikes. Velcro and buckles attach our Bedrock Bags frame bags, handle bar bags, and seat bags in a nice streamlined way. After some rearranging and finagling we were able to fit everything so we didn’t have to wear backpacks.


After driving around a bit we found the perfect spot to leave our truck (Chisos) during the ride: the Starlight Theater Parking Field. Crouch is a very tiny town that happens to have a large outdoor theater with camping and event parking. The woman I spoke to in the Box Office was more than happy to let us park there and wished us well on our adventure.

And then we […]

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All Packed & Ready to Roll

Tomorrow I will be leaving for the remote southern terminus of the Bigfoot Trail. Adam is driving me down to the Yolla Bolly Mountains & I plan to start hiking Wednesday morning!

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For Hire

Adventure Mentoring

Have you been thinking of hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, sections of the Bigfoot Trail, or a bikebacking trip somewhere in the west, but aren’t quite sure how to get out the door? Do you have a dream hike or route you have always wanted to try, but wish you could have some help getting ready? Sage can help you prepare for your adventure. She can guide you through creating your resupply plan, aid in selecting equipment you will need for your specific trail, and be there to help you through the growing pains of becoming a backpacker, a thru-hiker, or long distance adventurer.

Contact Sage to start your adventure mentorship.

Interviews & Press

Sage has granted interviews about everything from her time on the Oregon Desert Trail and winter hiking on the AT, to her thoughts on fruitcake on the trail. Reach out to Sage to add her perspective to your story.
Route Consulting

Do you have a new route you would like to see walked into reality? Sage is very familiar with the western US and would be excited to hear about any route ideas and plans you or your organization might have. In the summer of 2011 Sage created her own 1,200 mile route across California and fell in love with the route creation process, from making maps to walking into uncharted terrain. In 2013 she hiked the Oregon Desert Trail, a route conceived by Oregon Natural Desert Association that highlights potential wilderness in eastern Oregon. Sage worked with ONDA to generate media attention for the route, and also provided valuable feedback to fine tune the ODT for other travelers. Sage can help collect data on everything from water sources and trail junctions to wildlife observations and […]

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