On June 5th, 2013 I set out from my door in Bend, Oregon for a grand adventure. By the time I reached the Snake river and the Idaho boarder on the 11th of July I had covered 845 miles by foot and pedal, and stepped across my 10,000th thru-hike mile. It is hard to say exactly where mile 10,000 happened, probably in the upper West Little Owyhee River. When I think back to my very first three miles of thru-hiking, hauling myself out of Albuquerque up to the soaring heights of the Sandia Crest on the Grand Enchantment Trail, I realize now I had stepped onto a new path in life. I found something that made my soul sing at the same time it made the soles of my feet hurt with gut wrenching pain. 10,000 miles later my foot soles still throb at the end of each trail day, but my soul is rocking out more than ever to the rhythm of the routes. I am in love with long trails, creative routes, and the feeling I get when traveling over landscapes day after day. I am endlessly grateful to have had the opportunity to walk these miles, and I hope to be lucky enough to wander over another 10,000 or more- there are so many places to visit!

Thank you to all those wonderful people and places I have met along the way, though I was alone for most of my miles I always felt supported.

warm springs

Near Warm Springs, maybe my 10,000th mile?