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Last winter as I was recovering from my first broken bone (I fractured my fibula in a ski binding malfunction accident) Danika and her crew from Oregon Field Guide interviewed me about my hike of the Oregon Desert Trail back in 2013. It was fun to reminisce about my trek across the desert, and therapeutic to re-visit a time in my life when I was so mobile and free. Since the interview last winter my leg has recovered well & I’m back to walking around in the desert, but it was quite a wake up call to lose my mobility for a bit. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to hike the Oregon Desert Trail, and hope that this OFG episode helps open the door for many more people to get out there on this exciting route.

It is truly a treat to share some screen time with Renee Patrick, who has been steering the Oregon Desert Trail towards a bright future. Keep up the good work!