Backpack Gear Tour

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Come check out my backpack tour. This video is about 20 minutes long, and I go into detail about why I brought what I brought on the Bigfoot Trail. I explain things like my layering system, water treatment, shelter and sleep systems, and everything else that makes up my gear for a 400 mile summer walk.

Choose Gear Wisely
Nothing weighs nothing, but some things are essential to bring with you on a journey. Even if you aren’t shooting for an ultralight backpack, there are always a few items you can change or ditch. My hope with this movie is to share my packing process and shed some light on what I bring and what can be done without.

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Bigfoot Trail Alliance Kickstarter!

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Join the Bigfoot Trail Alliance
Michael Kauffmann fired up the Bigfoot Trail’s first Kickstarter to help fund the humble beginnings of this trail alliance & the creation of a new map set. There are some great incentives for contributing to the Bigfoot Kickstarter, including stickers, a wall map of the trail, and downloads of the new map set. Listen to this Jefferson Public Radio interview to learn all about the Bigfoot Trail, the Kickstarter campaign, and the trail alliance.

At the heart of the Bigfoot Trail is education.
The Bigfoot Trail travels through an incredibly ecologically diverse region of California & Southern Oregon. The guidebook is structured as a scavenger hunt for trees, which act as an entry point for noticing the natural world you will walk through on the BFT. On the Bigfoot Trail, FKT’s are not the goal. Slowest Known Times & visiting all 31 tree species along the way are the commendable feats. This trail’s culture captures that John Muir spirit of outrageous enthusiasm for the natural world.

Establishing a trail alliance will help the Bigfoot Trail grow with direction and purpose.
With the PCT feeling crowded these days, and other trails in the Sierras reaching their permit quotas months ahead of time, hikers are in need of new places to roam. The Bigfoot Trail is hidden in a quiet and often ignored part of Norther California. The landscape and rugged nature of the BFT eases my fears of seeing this new trail become overrun and crowded. In Northern California there are some unique land use issues (illegal growing) that could be alleviated by increased foot traffic. It would be wonderful to see the Bigfoot Trail land on lists of classic thru-hikes.


To read about my time on the […]

Blisters 101

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 Blisters 101: Learn 3 tips to tape blisters & hot spots
This is a short lesson on foot care and blister taping. Recently on a ski trip in the cascades I develpoed a hot spot in the side of my foot. There are 3 tips I wanted to share that work well for my feet, and hopefully help you next time you start feeling the beginnings of a blister. I explain more in the video, but here’s a summary:

1) Put something soft over the blister or hotspot (like the fuzzy side of the mole skin, a bit of the non-sticky side of medical tape, gauze, or a bandaid

2) Lay the tape as flat & smooth as possible

3) Round edges in high friction zones & smash tape to skin
Youtube Adventure School in 2015
One of my New Years resolutions is to start sharing more tips & tricks about adventuring. I worked as a backpacking instructor for many years & miss teaching dearly. I’m hoping that I will learn to teach to a camera at least half as well as I used teach people in person. My goal is to share some of the knowledge I have gleaned over my past few years of walking. Blisters 101 is my first YouTube lesson of 2015, enjoy!

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Feathered Friends Down Bootie Review

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Feathered Friends Down Bootie Review
I made a video of my favorite new piece of gear. Check out my Feathered Friends down bootie review.

These Feathered Friends Down Booties were given to me by Adam for my birthday back in November. I recently used the booties on a ski tour & fell in love with their functionality. They have two parts, an interior liner bootie and a protective exterior shell. They weigh about 4oz each (8oz/pr), and the down “sock” inners on their own weigh 4oz. Feathered Friends makes high quality gear in the US, and they really thought about the features on this bootie. These booties are a bit more expensive than your average down bootie, but in contrast with my old booties they are worth every extra penny.
More videos to come!
In 2015 I hope to make a handful more videos to help people learn about backpacking and make their outdoor adventures more fun and successful. Check out my YouTube channel, like Sage Clegg Adventures on Facebook, or subscribe to my blog. Feel free to send me comments or video topic suggestions at