12 Days of Trail Gifts For Under $50
Gift 2: Lightweight Libations!

12 Gifts for Hikers, Day 2

Adam drinking up something better than water in the Wallawas. Cheers!

12 Gifts for Hikers, Day 2

Super gross cow tank water from the Oregon Desert Trail

Every hiker has to drink water, but plain water can get boring, and some water requires a disguise in order to ingest.

12 Gifts For Hikers, Day 2

Drink mixes make great stocking stuffers

Add some pizzaz to your hiker’s beverage bar by tossing some of these treats in their stocking. When they mug up on their next adventure they will have you to thank!




Starbucks Via12 Gifts for Hikers, Day 2 packets make an amazing cup of coffee from a small packet of powder. Last winterAdam’s mom gave him a pack of the Christmas Blend Via and we happily “brewed” them up each morning of our Idaho Hotsprings bike tour last summer.




Mount Hagen Organic Instant Coffee12 Gifts for Hikers, Day 2makes a pretty tasty cup of joe, and the production ethics of the company are in line with the wilderness your hiker will be sipping it in.



Hot or cold:

Ginger Honey Crystals make up one of my favorite backcountry drinks. These are spicy, sweet, and are soothing to an upset stomach

Chai Powder is absolutely excellent cold or hot. Some of my favorites are the Trader Joes Chai Powder and Oregon Chai packets


Nunn Tabs create a refreshing drink that does a good job of covering up cow water. Nuun is a little out of the average hiker budget, but most will appreciate having the opportunity to drink it up.

Crystal Lite Pure is a bit more normal, but still can be hard to find in some trail towns. These are a good daily drinker.

Powdered Coconut Water is AMAZING! I really like coconut water in the front country, and to be able to drink it up on the way up a steep, hot climb on the trail just feels right. Coco Hydro is just one of many delicious brands out there.

End of day Celebration:


BACKCOUNTRY BEER!! Really- seriously! Pat’s Backcountry Beverages makes beer concentrate that even has carbonation tabs. This sounds amazing, and hopefully I will soon be able to give a review- the Black Hops on the top of my Christmas list this year!