12 Trail Gifts Under $50, Day 8

Gift 8: Cleanliness is next to Godliness

12 gifts for hikers

Staying clean is easy when you walk by hot bathtubs!

Give the gift of good hygiene this Christmas. Of course your hiker will stink when they are on the trail, but help them stay clean in the places that count.

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Relaxing under my 2009 PCT Bandana that doubles as my towel, face scrubber, pot holder, and pillow cover

Sample+CDT+Orange+bandana+for+Amazon Bandanas: These can be used as foot cleaning rags, sun protection under a hat, a towel, “Gentlemen’s Rags” for the guys to avoid chafe (external gonads like to be washed off daily), and “Pee Rags” so the ladies can avoid having to drip dry. Most hikers cary at least one bandana, I carry two or three. I trim them to the size I need, but I usually have at least one whole bandana for under my hat. Trail specific Bandanas can be excellent, the PCT bandana has mileage & town stops & can be used as a sign while hitching into town, the CDT bandana is bright & has a great map of the trail to help explain what you are doing out there, and the AT Conservancy sells a AT map buff

mini bottles

mini bottles

Little bottles: For soap, water treatment, olive oil, sunscreen…. and whatever else your hiker might want to put in an itty bitty bottle, these little guys come in handy all the time. I usually stalk anyone I know who uses contact lenses and hijack any empty tiny saline solution bottles, but there is a more reliable way to find these. You can order them up from¬†United States Plastic Corporation, (thanks to Mike Clelland for the tip), or through Gossamer Gear.

Diva cupFor the Ladies: Give a Diva Cup, Moon Cup, or Keeper to that hiker lady in your life. She will be stoked to not have to carry bloody tampons anymore! These cups work great in the front country as well as on the trail. Be sure to get your lady a small bottle of soap and maybe some baby wipes so she can clean up and wash her hands during her time of the month.

Another one for the gals: On colder trips your hiker lady might not want to have to pop a squat. Give her a Chick-enis and she will be able to tinkle standing up. I use the Freshette¬†because it’s hard plastic is durable and makes a good seal. I have heard great things about the PStyle and the Lady J. Pee funnels work great in conjunction with a Pee Rag (a darker colored or tie dyed bandana works great for this).

Adam Soaking in a hot spring in Idaho

Adam Soaking in a hot spring in Idaho