Still looking for some last minute hiker gift ideas? Here are days 9-12 of my timeless hiking gear gift suggestions. Last year I created a 12 days of Christmas gift guide, I decided it was time to re-release these 12 posts over a few installments. These last four gift suggestions are mostly things you can make at home, or grab from under the sink (like trash bags and Ziplocks). Day 12’s DIY trail cookies are a great addition to any cookie plate, as well as being one of my favorite backcountry treats.

Happy Solstice!

Day 9: Guide Books

12 gifts of christmas

Jonathan Ley’s maps at work on the CDT

Day 10: Dry It You’ll Like It! 

Who doesn't love dried Strawberries!!

Who doesn’t love dried Strawberries!!

Day 11: Sacks & Baggies

Roll tops, draw cords, ziplocks... bags are handy for every hiker

Roll tops, draw cords, ziplocks… bags are handy for every hiker

Day 12: DIY Trail Cookies

12 gifts

My mom’s fruit balls are great on a Christmas cookie platter & in your backpack