Here are days 5-8 of my gift & hiking gear suggestions. Last year I created a 12 days of Christmas gift guide, & as the holiday season grows closer, I decided it was time to re-release these 12 posts over a few installments. My favorite hiking gear hasn’t changed much since I wrote these posts up. I still love Hikertrash hats,¬†lightweight rain gear, pee funnels, umbrellas, and tasty snacks. I’m sure your hiker will be stoked on these treats as well. Day 8 was one of the most read bits of advice I dispensed last year- it’s all about backcountry hygiene & some gear to help keep you clean & happy as you adventure.

Happy Hiking Holidays!!

Day 5: Stay Alive & Thrive

Day 6: Snack Attack

Day 7: Gear for Rain & Shine

Day 8: Cleanliness is next to Godliness