Hey everybody! Last year I created a 12 days of Christmas gift guide, & as the holiday season grows closer, I decided it was time to re-release these 12 posts over a few installments. Not much has changed on my list of go-to gear for under $50- in fact, I still love all the gear I chat about in these blog posts! Purple Rain Adventure Skirts, Dirty Girl Gaiters, window wrap groundsheets from the hardware store, pee funnels, socks, ziplock baggies, and homemade snacks will never lose their appeal, or their place in my backpack. I hope you enjoy these goodies from my blog archives!

Happy Holidays!!!

Here are the first 4 days:

Day 1: Good Sleep on the Cheap!


Day 2: Lightweight Libations- Cheers!!

Day 3: Dress Your Dirtbag

Day 4: Feet Treats!